What is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWA, is a new type of mobile web application where users are able to download a website directly to their mobile devices with the click of a button, instead of having to be redirected to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app on their respective platforms.

At Soapp, we can make a new PWA-enabled website for you, OR convert your currently existing website to be PWA. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let us know the website you'd like to PWA, we'll get back to you right away with a suitable proposal to meet your specific needs!

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No App Store

Users are able to download the webapp directly from Google Chrome, Safari or other supported browsers. This means higher adoption rate for first-time users.


Major companies have seen an increase of up to 60% of engagement time on their PWA, not to mention increase in sessions per page and other statistics.


With the implementation of offline content caching and others, your website will see a substantial increase in performance and speed.


PWAs must be served from a secured HTTPS origin, which means that it will be more secured compared to a website served in HTTP origin.

How does PWA Work?


Users visit your website through their web browser (i.e Google Chrome, Safari).


Users are prompted to add your website to the home screen of their mobile devices.


Your app is downloaded to their home screen. Users need only click on the app to launch your new mobile PWA.


These major companies have choses to adopt PWA to their existing websites, and statistical data has proven an overall major increase in engagement metrics. Check out their websites and have a first-hand experience on how it's like from a user's standpoint!

*Note that some websites may require signing up first for the prompt to appear.

Twitter Lite


Flipkart Lite



Financial Times

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