Chat & VOIP Services

The most basic chat function would be single one-to-one chat. This is customisable to the client's needs and may even be used to send other informative updates to the receiving-end, such as media files, appointment updates, and even live locations.

Group chat function is a lot more complicated than the single counter-part. Complex network of user informations such as username, user profile image and the one-to-many nature of this function makes group chatting a challenging and resource-intense feature to have in an application. Through intensive R&D over the years, we have developed an efficient and reliable backend solution to this desirable feature.

On top of the complex group chat function, we also offer another hard-to-come-by in-app feature - VoIP audio and video calls. These features not only require deep understanding of the front-end devices, but also demands excellent command in the backend technologies, to ensure seamless real-time communication of the audio or video data.

Chat Features

Media transfer including audio, video & images

Swipe to reply messages

Forward messages

Delete messages

Sent/received messages acknowledgements

Contact transfer

Map transfer.

Integration of external information into chat (restaurants, appointments, etc.)

Message archiving

Bookmark/Favourite messages

Push notifications

Fast connection


Contact blocking

Custom XEP

Voice Call

Voice-calling over the internet means free calling for all users in the app. We can integrate the audio-calling function to any feature as required by the client, enabling potential users to make audio calls directly to users from anywhere in the application. With our efficient backend architecture, we ensure that network latency and data loss are kept at a negligible minimum.

Video Call

Video-calling is essentially an upgrade from the basic audio-calling feature. Although not all users will need or want to make a full-on video call to others at all times, there are several occasions where a video call may be the only way of communicating in order to get the message across effectively. Be it from the front or back camera, we will be able to design an application to cater exactly to the client's needs.