We start building IOS since swift 3 and since we have been following the progress our swift version. Current we are using Swift 5 for our app development. We use multiple features provide from IOS to develop some awesome feature and enhance the performance and customise our function and third party libraries to suit the needs of the app.


Based on Client requirements we are able to create a multitude of animations to provide a quality user experience.


LiveData and Room technologies are relatively new to the community, and we are well-versed with using it to carry out operational functions of any applications.


Data Binding is another relatively new technology introduced in the native Android environment, which we have tested to greatly improve overall performance of the application.


Using a combination of different layout types and frameworks, we are able to ensure that graphical rendering across Android devices and manufacturers remain at top-notch efficiency and performance.


Customisable camera applications for video recording and image capturing is not an easy task, but we have great experience in making it work seamlessly with our audio and video calling feature.


Our extensive knowledge in backend programming allows us to utilise socket functions to open TCP/UDP ports to transfer data around from one device to another.


As application performance is of great importance to us, we make sure to carry out thorough performance profiling with various tools to detect potential performance issues in our projects.

Push Mechanism

We implement FCM to handle push notifications for incoming messages, be it a simple text message from a friend, or a status update report generated by the backend servers.


Upon completion, we can assist to deploy the application into the Google Play Store. We implement another relatively recent application bundle technology to reduce application size for potential users.