We start building IOS since swift 3 and since we have been following the progress our swift version. Current we are using Swift 5 for our app development. We use multiple features provide from IOS to develop some awesome feature and enhance the performance and customise our function and third party libraries to suit the needs of the app


We do customisation base on out client request and able to do high level animation.


This is our strongest point on all feature in IOS. We utilise coredata correctly to ensure the best performance out by using concurrency & relationship model. We also have experience in data management eg. migration.


We use alamofire and have good experience to utilise the library. All method of requesting using alamofire api is available to us.


We had code our UI instead using  storyboard for better code complication and working environment. UX is part of our design in making a full flow of UI & UX to provide the best design flow for our client.


We in build our own camera without using build in camera by IOS and thire parties libraries. So in our case, we highlt customisable on camera features and video features.


This is our expert filed where we utilise socket function to open TCP/ UDP port to transfer data from one device to another device.


We use instrumental tool from Xcode to debug the performance the app to ensure our app has the optimise performance.


We have experience on developing APNS token from Xcode and handing the cert file from Apple. The push mechanism will handle by our backend server.


Once the app is done, our team will upload the app store and manage. We do teach our client how to manage the app from the AppStore prior request.