The Infinity Chat

We are passionate on connecting humans in communication with technology

Made to allow human talk to each other about everything that matters. You can chat, share photos and videos, leave a voice message, and even share your location. The best part of it, *eternally unlimited chat and media sharing.


*Only Data Charges applies :)

The Discover Tab

Glorious food to be discovered by you around your location. Currently, we are reflecting 5 hotspots around Klang valley for you to discover! 

Schedule it 

Made to help humans to keep track on their gatherings or appointments. Time, Date and Venue all in one page. You can also view which human is going too!

GPS Navigation 

Enough of sharing location last minute! Now you can always navigate from the scheduler once set. 


*Thank you Google Maps and Waze, you guys are awesome!

QR Contact

Everyone is unique! *So do you! You will have a unique QR code that everyone can add you with ease! 


*We mean it :)

Experience Soapp now :)


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