Our App

Soapp is an abbreviation of the term Social Application. Soapp is a chat application that incorporates a list of food suggestions and an in-built scheduler within the chatroom, this allows the host to easify a gathering or meet-up sessions! 


We believe that real friends are made face to face and not just through moments online. With only a goal in mind, and no previous experiences to back them up, the founders decided to put forth all their time and effort and successfully learnt enough to carry them through.

Our Mission

Soapp is started as a bridge between humans from deciding where to eat to making it happen all within an app. Our passion is to assists all parties to meet up with each other at the easiest way possible. Behind of all of our product decision, our desire on simplification of initiation within users around the world.



Our Team

Soapp was established since 2016 and is co-founded by 5 partners, known as D4Js (Dean Ang, Jay Yong, Jerry Goh, Jonathan Hew, Joseph Chang) who are committed to make a change on how technology is affecting the way we communicate with one another. There are 18 of us to date and growing strong!

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